Michaela Jurasová. Photographer.

First I fell for photography. Then I started to see light. Now I see beauty in all around the world and love to capture beauty of people and our relationships. I’m a dreamer who believes in endless love. Creative person who enjoys finding a story to tell it through photos.

I love dawns and dusks. Smell of flowers and summer rain. I love silence of country under the snow and laughter of people in love. And chocolate.

Portraits since 2011

2011 got me to take photography seriously. Wanting to learn how to show the beauty I see in the world my camera helped me to do so. And it still does.

Professional since 2018

This was the year I switched from trying to fit photography into my life to making it my life. To do it to the fullest. It is not always an easy road to take but probably the best one. Meeting all of you and capturing your memories makes the days brighter.

Weddings since 2013

We’ve had ups and downs with weddings, but I loved every single one and see all the couples as it was yesterday. Every single event is different, but what is the same is love and happiness all around. These are the stories I love to tell through lens.

Let’s create something together.

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