To which destinations do you travel?

Basically all around Europe and surrounding countries. I am open also to American countries, however, those are important to reserve soon enough as I prefer to use travel this long and offer it to more people. (ecology, guys:))

Which languages do you speak?

English and Czech fluently. I understand German a bit and learning Norwegian at this moment.

How long does it takes to get photos after wedding?

I say up to one month. Of course I try to finish them as soon as possible (within a week usually) but one never knows, sometimes there is plenty of other work or lot of travelling, therefore the time is set to one month.

Is pre-wedding meeting necessary?

Oh, yes. It is very important to meet in advance, at least at Skype. It is even possible to meet (usually online) before you make your reservation so that you can decide not only thanks to my work but also find out whether we can get along in a friendly manner on your wedding.

Do I get all the photos you take unprocessed?

No, this is not possible. I choose the best photos and am sure no one wants to go through more than a thousand photos. Trust me, you will get bored after 500, some of you even sooner.

Please, keep in mind that by ordering my photography work you agree with my style of photography and postprocess.

If there is anything else you wish to have an answer for, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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