About me

I am a photographer playing around with camera whole twenties. That is almost a decade now. In 2017 I decided to specialize in wedding photography. One year later I started to do photography full time back in the Czech Republic. I enjoyed it a lot, yet we decided to move on with my partner and to move to a foreign country.

At this moment we are finding the right place to call home somewhere in Norway. Norway itself feels like home, doesn’t it? However, there are a few places we are going to visit before settling down for good here in Norway.

This fact – that we don’t have the perfect home for ourselves yet lead to decision to start with destination wedding photography instead of simply riding around my childhood home. Because I don’t want to stop photography nor wedding photography. This is the discipline that took my heart lately (again and probably for good).

Good to know for you might be the fact that I did experience being on the other side of a camera before and from time to time I like to pose even now. I believe it is easier for me to help you with posing thanks to that. Therefore you really don’t need to be afraid of not knowing what to do and how to pose.

One more point you might want to know – this gal loves natural photographs. I try to keep you and the photograph itself as natural as possible. Well, yes, I do postprocess since digital photography asks for it but all the processes I use keep the photograph natural. I hate photo-manipulations in photography as to me manipulated pictures are not photographs anymore.
Next to wedding photography I love exploring other kinds of photography such as food (admit it, only to have an excuse to bake more often) and nature (not exactly landscape, I’m not there yet) photography as hiking is the best way of relax when you spend most of your days by your computer.

Well then, I’m pleased to meet you in this online world and hope to see you in person soon!

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