Boudoir photography is a very delicate style for women. Of course, there are women who want to share this experience with their partner, which is amazing. Even more amazing are boudoir photographs taken during pregnancy.

Boudoir photographs can be elegant, playful or romantic. What makes all of them alike is that each of us feels beautiful, sexy and worth attention.

Those photographs should show not the best clothes or perfect makeup (both of which are a big part of it) but your personality and your confident self. And our makeup artist with your photographer are there to help you feel the best you can.

To me boudoir is not kind of photography that belongs to typical atelier. We seek comfort and luxury interior of stylish homes and hotels or ateliers made for boudoir photography (those are not everywhere, therefore we might need to find the right place).

A very special boudoir to me is bridal. Lots of white and beauty in photographs are a perfect gift for your future husband.

But no one is saying that boudoir can be made only as a gift for a man. The real value is brought to us women. It makes us feel pretty and amazing. And our feeling is more than everything.

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